Salsa has taken the dance scene by storm. It’s the HOTTEST thing happening in all Hollywood & L.A. night clubs. Time to get in on the action! Our Salsa Program includes four levels of classes and weekend Salsa “boot camps”. We also provide Latin social parties for our students to practice their Salsa steps!

Salsa Basics

Never danced Salsa before? Salsa Basics is the perfect class for you to start with! You’ll learn very basic patterns and beginning technique, as well as Salsa timing. You’ll get to dance with a partner, and after taking this class just a few times, you will be ready to impress someone on the dance floor!

Salsa I (Fundamentals)

This class is great for beginners! Dancers will work on learning basic Salsa steps, the basic laws of leading and following, rhythms and technique and, of course, a bit of social etiquette (as Salsa is a social dance). If you take this class combined with Salsa Basics each week, you are going to start enjoying your dancing much sooner and will be able to join the ntermediate level class much faster!

Salsa II

In this class, the focus will be on leading and following integral patterns of social Salsa. Elements emphasized will include crossing the dance slot, changing of hands, moving into and out of a closed position, turns for both leader and follower, checking actions, and styling!

Salsa III

In our advanced class, you will start to work on your own personal style of dancing.  This includes musicality, learning how to accent and create dynamic movement, as well as continued development of turn skills and more complicated figures. It takes both skill and knowledge to be able to fashion your own combinations and steps, and we will make sure to help you develop these abilities to make your Salsa a personal, fun and exciting experience.

Salsa Workshop

Salsa Workshops are great for beginners as well as for intermediate level dancers! For beginners who would like to join intermediate level salsa classes sooner, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to get your salsa basics going and even work on some intermediate level patterns!

The focus of workshops are going to be on basic leading and following skills, which are crucial to know in partner dancing. New steps and patterns are going to be introduced as well. Bring your friends with you!


Latin Social Dance Parties & Outings

Our social parties are another tool we want you to use in your learning process! Here, we have students and teachers practicing the steps and enjoying the social, friendly atmosphere. We also take organized trips (via limo or party bus!) as a YCD group to famous Salsa clubs all over Southern California.