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LIT with AnnaPlease join us for our brand new Sunday class with the one and only Anna Trebunskaya! 

Anna will teach you how to get your body ready and able to execute the technique you have been learning. Watch as your body becomes stronger and more flexible.  

This class is from 10 am to 11 am, please bring a yoga mat & towel.

We will also be offering on Facebook Live in the event you can not attend in person

Sign Up Today!!!   Save by purchasing the six week session at $120!





Anna Trebunskaya

Studio Owner / Instructor


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Irina Trebunskaya

Studio Owner / Instructor


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Konstantin Yakunin



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Sasha Kamnev

Sasha is a professional dancer, choreographer, licensed IDSA international dance teacher, adjudicator and competitor. He with his wife,

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Katya Kamneva

Katya is a professional dancer, choreographer, licensed IDSA international dance teacher, adjudicator and competitor. She and her husband,

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Dayshawn Powell

Instructor Dayshawn is the newest member of the YCD team.  He found a true passion for his craft

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The Studio


You can feel the ocean breeze at You Can Dance! We are located in the heart of the beach cities in South Bay, comfortably nestled between Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.



The Floor

Our dance floor is a “floating floor”, meaning it is elevated by “ribs” that keep it slightly above the concrete so that it has some give to it. It is designed so that your feet and knees will not suffer as they would from dancing on a solid surface. Our floor is designed by Junckers – the same company who designs the dance floor for ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and is the same floor they use in their ballroom.



The Sound

We have a state of the art sound system at You Can Dance, designed and installed by Dylan Sanford – Cinematographer. Feel the bass surging through the studio, and get lost in the music! Every night feels like a party at You Can Dance.



The Decor

Rich paint adorn the studio walls, and lush leather sofas surround the ballroom. A disco ball spins and glows on party nights, and warm lighting fills the atmosphere. Be sure to take a gander at the awards around the ballroom, as well as the autographed posters from ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

Wedding Dances


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We can help you make your day even more special with a romantic first dance. Our wedding specialists will help you every step of the way.

During your first dance, all eyes are on you. That can be a bit nerve-racking. We will choreograph a simple or challenging routine to a song of your choice – whatever fits you as a couple. The most important thing is to be comfortable and have fun with each other!

Our Wedding Package includes:

  • 3, 5 or 10 Private Lessons
  • Assistance with song selection
  • Coordination with DJ
  • Opportunity for spotlight dance at studio for practice!

Please contact us today to set up your package & for prices.

Need a song?  We can help. Click here for some suggestions.


How To Begin Ballroom Dancing

New to dancing? New to ballroom? Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help! At ‘You Can Dance’ learning to dance is fun, fast and easy! You CAN dance! Here’s what you need to know first:


Studio Dress Code

  • Wear comfortable, appropriate clothing. Keep in mind that Ballroom and Latin dancing is done in close proximity to your partner. Make it a pleasant experience for everyone.


  • Shoes: Preferably dance shoes, but not a must. If not, leather soled shoes are the next best substitute. Avoid sneakers or flip flops. They are difficult to dance in and stick to the floor. Women’s shoes without a back tend to fall off. It is requested that you change from your street shoes to your dance shoes BEFORE going out on our dance floor.


We offer three levels of classes at our studio:

You can come into our studio with 10 years experience, or none at all, there is something for everyone.



  • -Wide Selection of Classes-
  • -Group Classes-
  • -Private Lessons With a Pro-
  • -Room to Grow-
  • -
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  • -Wide Selection of Classes-
  • -Group Classes-
  • -Private Lessons With a Pro-
  • -Exhibition Dancing-
  • -
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  • -Wide Selection of Classes-
  • -Group Classes-
  • -Private Lessons With a Pro-
  • -Exhibition Dancing-
  • -Performing-
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Beginner/Amateur Dancers

Fear not! We offer a wide selection of beginner-level classes, all designed to teach you the fundamentals you need to know to begin your journey with dance.

  • Our group classes are held in a comfortable, friendly environment that will put your nerves at ease.
  • Ready for more? Private lessons are the most efficient way to learn. You and one of our professional instructors can work together at a time that is convenient for you, and together, you will work on the dances you want to!
  • When you feel ready, head over to one of our ballroom parties and practice your dancing with others!
  •  There is plenty of room to grow at You Can Dance, and our Intermediate/Advanced classes will be there when you are ready!







Intermediate/Advanced Dancers

For those with prior dance experience, we have several options to suit your needs.

  • We offer a wide range of intermediate/advanced level classes designed to improve and enhance your skill.
  • Private lessons – work with one of our instructors to help you reach your dance goals.
  • Exhibition dancing/performing – take your dance career to the next level. We can create a lesson package to meet your needs.

No matter what level you start at – the sky is the limit at You Can Dance.





Class Descriptions


Salsa Basics

Starting with the basics! In our beginning Salsa class you will learn the fundamental elements of Salsa dancing. This class will include musicality & rhythm, the basic footwork, and the introduction to lead and follow. You will also learn some of the basic steps that are the building blocks for Salsa dancing. This class will give you the confidence to social dance while having a blast!


Salsa I

Go a bit further with your music and rhythm skills! We also take the patterns up a level in the intermediate class. You will learn to add on to the patterns that you learned in your beginning classes. We also will be elaborating many of the lead and follow techniques, as well as some styling and shining.


Salsa II

This class will teach you how to mix steps and have endless variety of patterns. We will concentrate on lead and follow techniques so you could perform  “smooth” transitions from step to step. We will continue to teach turns techniques.


Beginning Cha Cha

In our beginning Cha Cha class you will learn the basic Cha Cha timing, musicality, and basic footwork. We also teach you to lead and follow our Club style Cha Cha basic patterns.


Intermediate Cha Cha

In our intermediate level, we continue to teach you patterns and footwork, along with how to lead and follow them. We will also go into more of Cha Cha timing and other syncopations, styling, and some shining footwork.


Beginning Argentine Tango

Learn how to Tango! Argentine Tango is a fun and challenging dance! In our beginning class we go over the basics of music, and footwork, as well as partnering. In this class you will also learn about the unique embrace and styling!


Intermediate Argentine Tango

Lets kick it up a notch in your Intermediate Argentine Tango class! You will learn more advanced patterns and some of the advanced styling techniques. We will also show some of the freedom that Argentine Tango offers both partners.



Foxtrot is one of the most popular ballroom dances, thanks to it’s easy step patterns and moderate tempo. It is usually danced to big band music, and is especially popular at weddings and social events.



The Waltz is danced all over the world. It was introduced in the Royal Courts Of Europe, and is known for it’s unique 3 beats-to-a-measure count. It is a romantic dance and at one time was considered to be a sinful dance because the dancers embraced each other. It is by far the most popular wedding dance.



Rumba is a slow dance with simple patterns. It originated in Cuba in the 1940s’. It is sensual, slow and very expressive.



Swing is a fast-paced, joyful dance that became popular when 50’s rock & roll was all the rage. Whether you are going to a wedding or posh super club, your company Christmas party, or a Retro night out – you have a chance to swing. We teach the popular patterns and partnership skills.


Latin Club Dancing

This class will get you ready for a hot night club experience. We teach the 3 most popular Latin social dances: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue.


West Coast Swing Fundamentals

The West Coast Swing Fundamentals class focuses on the basic connections that beginning and advanced dancers use to create the patterns and movements of the dance.This class is a must for those new to this style, as both leaders and followers have several guidelines that make the more intricate patterns possible.


West Coast Swing Patterns

The West Coast Swing patterns class emphasizes variations of the fundamental pushes, passes, and whips, as well as introducing styling and improvisational ‘playing.’




NOTE: For Adult Classes Only. Click Here for Youth Ballroom Classes and Pricing



  • One 45 Min Class
  • ___________
  • 3 Lessons: $299 (Save $46)
  • 5 Lessons: $489 (Save $86)
  • 10 Lessons: $945 (Save $205)
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  • Single Group Class
  • ___________
  • 1 Week Unlimited Classes: $49
  • 10 Classes: $159 
  • 20 Classes: $299 
  • 30 Classes: $417 
  • ___________
  • (Per Person/4 Total Consecutive Weeks)
  • 1 Weekly Class: $59
  • 2 Weekly Classes: $99.00
  • 3 Weekly Classes: $119
  • Unlimited Classes: $129
  • ___________
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*We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson to avoid full payment for the lesson.

**For classes with 3 students or less, class will be shortened to 30 minutes.


Private Group Lessons

Private Group Lessons can be utilized for parties, performances and special occasions.




Youth Ballroom

You Can Dance Studio is excited to

relaunch our Youth Dance Program!

Our classes are geared for kids ages 4-15, and no ballroom experience is required!

Classes fill up quickly, pre-register today! #YouthCANdance



Youth latin and ballroom classes are meant to learn the art, technique, and fun of dancing.


  • Itty Bitty (Ages 4-5) Pre-Teen Latin/Ballroom (Ages 6-10)
  • Junior Latin/Ballroom (Ages 11-15)
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The You Can Dance Studio’s Youth Dancesport Package is designed to develop ballroom dance skills, participate in competitions, perform in showcase routines and grow fast friendships with other youth dancers.  All dancers will have a rich and fun experience while adhering to guidelines and program structure in order to achieve success in their dancing.  Team members have auditioned and been accepted into the program.  They are required to take two group classes a week as well as two private lessons a month (scheduled individually).




  • Monthly Team Fee Includes
  • ___________
  • 2 group classes per week
  • 2 private lessons a month
  • This is a  Value
  • ___________
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  • 1 Class Per Week
  • ___________
  • Single Drop-In Class – $25 
  • Monthly Fee Means 1 Class Free!
  • ___________
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  • 1 Single session
  • Single Private Lesson with one of our world championship winning instructors! One on one time to perfect technique!
  • ___________
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*Includes 10 weeks of group classes $190.00

MONTHLY GROUP CLASS (1 class each week)

*Itty Bitty Ballroom & Junior Class Option $76.00












Salsa Program

Salsa has taken the dance scene by storm. It’s the HOTTEST thing happening in all Hollywood & L.A. night clubs. Time to get in on the action! Our Salsa Program includes four levels of classes and weekend Salsa “boot camps”. We also provide Latin social parties for our students to practice their Salsa steps!


Salsa Basics

Never danced Salsa before? Salsa Basics is the perfect class for you to start with! You’ll learn very basic patterns and beginning technique, as well as Salsa timing. You’ll get to dance with a partner, and after taking this class just a few times, you will be ready to impress someone on the dance floor!



Salsa I (Fundamentals)

This class is great for beginners! Dancers will work on learning basic Salsa steps, the basic laws of leading and following, rhythms and technique and, of course, a bit of social etiquette (as Salsa is a social dance). If you take this class combined with Salsa Basics each week, you are going to start enjoying your dancing much sooner and will be able to join the ntermediate level class much faster!



Salsa II

In this class, the focus will be on leading and following integral patterns of social Salsa. Elements emphasized will include crossing the dance slot, changing of hands, moving into and out of a closed position, turns for both leader and follower, checking actions, and styling!



Salsa III

In our advanced class, you will start to work on your own personal style of dancing.  This includes musicality, learning how to accent and create dynamic movement, as well as continued development of turn skills and more complicated figures. It takes both skill and knowledge to be able to fashion your own combinations and steps, and we will make sure to help you develop these abilities to make your Salsa a personal, fun and exciting experience.



Salsa Boot Camps

Boot Camps are great for beginners as well as for intermediate level dancers! For beginners who would like to join intermediate level salsa classes sooner, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to get your salsa basics going and even work on some intermediate level patterns! Two types of Boot Camps will be offered:

  • Salsa Boot Camp: All levels
  • Salsa Boot Camp: Beg./Int levels

Boot camps are held for 1 day (on the weekend) and last for several hours! They can be quite an experience!

For boot camps geared toward all levels, the focus will be on troubleshooting common errors and pitfalls encountered in social Salsa. The course will be condensed and physically challenging if you stay for all 3 lessons (hence “boot camp”). However, you don’t have to stay for all 3 lessons! This camp can be taken as just 1 or 2 classes as well. The choice is your’s.

The focus of beg./int. boot camps is going to be on basic leading and following skills, which are crucial to know in partner dancing. New steps and patterns are going to be introduced as well. Bring your friends with you!







Latin Social Dance Parties & Outings

Our social parties are another tool we want you to use in your learning process! Here, we have students and teachers practicing the steps and enjoying the social, friendly atmosphere. We also take organized trips (via limo or party bus!) as a YCD group to famous Salsa clubs all over Southern California!



Exhibition Dancing

Competition and Performance



You can take your dancing in many different directions at You Can Dance Studio. Competition & Performance is an exciting and challenging way to take your dancing to another level.

  • We can design a program just for you, depending what your interests are. We will work with you to help you decide if you would like to choose an amateur partner or if you would like to compete with a professional pro-am partner. From there we begin to teach you routines and technique to get you ready!
  • Competing can be a fun way to challenge yourself! You may also be interested in performing! Performance dancing is similar to competition dancing. There are a lot of the same elements, and you will learn the art of stage presence and choreography.
  • At You Can Dance, we offer many opportunities to do spotlight performances with your teacher and also to perform outside of the studio!

Please contact us today to get started, we can put a personalized package together for you and discuss costs and details.




Special Events




When planning your next event, keep You Can Dance in mind for your entertainment needs. We’ll make YOU the star of your next event!

  • Birthdays
  • Quinceañeras
  • Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Baby Showers
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • School Events

It is easy to add something special to your next event! Here are some options for your entertainment needs:

  • Dance Classes
  • Dance Performances (youth, adults, or both!)





Performance Team

An unforgettable opportunity to learn from “Dancing with the Stars” professional Anna Trebunskaya!

Explore dance through performing, competition, and just being part of a team. We can help you become a successful teacher, dancer, competitor! If you are motivated, committed, and between the ages of 18 – 30 (exceptions can be made), we want to see you!

Dance experience is a must, ballroom experience is a plus. Weekly training and practice will be mandatory, along with regular performances. Space is limited, so please contact us to schedule your audition.


  • Auditions are ongoing – You will attend one of the Performance Team rehearsals and we will observe how you move. Afterward, we will speak with you to discuss your options!
  • Scholarships are available for qualified students!

Students! Interested in joining our Performance Team, but not quite sure of your steps? Try our new Ballroom and Latin Fundamentals class! This class is perfect for those who want to gain a little more experience before joining our Team!



  • We went to an introductory lesson last night and we both had a great time. The steps were explained in a great way and the instructors were VERY patient. Highly recommend this studio if you are looking to improve your dancing skills or are like us–trying to get your moves down for the ‘first dance’.

    ScottManhattan Beach
  • My wife and I took classes to learn a choreographed first dance for our wedding. We absolutely loved Alina and loved learning the Rumba at YCD. Alina was really flexible with scheduling appointments around my crazy schedule (I travel for work). And most important, the first dance was flawless! Big thanks to the excellent (and really fun) training at YCD.

    Miss L.Redondo Beach
  • If you’re a beginner and have never gotten dance lessons like my fiance and me, and don’t want to do the “slow dance shuffle” for your first dance at your wedding, this is the place to go!!! Alina was patient, fun, extremely helpful and HONEST. She told us when something looked bad and helped us to fix it. I’ve seen first dances at weddings where the bride/groom had taken a dance lesson or two together, but none of them looked that polished or impressive and some had weird/funky moves. I have to say that Alina really helped us to learn a dance that goes with the song we chose and looks great!

    PeterHermosa Beach
  • Great instructor, great experience. The studio is clean and professional. Anna is the most friendly as well as [most] experienced instructor I have yet to come across. Highly recommended!

    ChameleonLos Angeles
  • I take private lessons with Eno, and it has been extremely beneficial to me. He continues to help me grow as a ballroom dancer, and even when I don’t always get the steps – he never let’s me leave the studio feeling discouraged. He’s amazing, inside and out. Have to admit that I sometimes get stuck just watching him dance. He’s so, so good.

    AmandaRedondo Beach
  • I am a beginner in dance and wanted to try out ballroom-style dance. I found You Can Dance Studio on the internet and gave them a call. The receptionist helped me find the appropriate group class for me that suited my schedule and skill level. I went to the class and had a blast!! I wish my work schedule would allow me to go every night. Luckily my package of group classes can be used when I have the time. I even went out to the club and showed off my sweet Salsa moves. Their prices were great and the teachers made me laugh.
    Matter of fact – I’m going back tonight!

    AnastasiaBeverly Hills

Current Promotions

New Students! Take advantage of our monthly unlimited class special for only $129.00.

 New Students

  • Buy 2 private lessons ($235) get the third for $5!
    One time use only.
  • 2 half-hour introductory private lessons for $49!
  • Take any 2 group classes for the price of 1! That’s $20 / 2 Group Classes!
    One offer per student.
  • Purchase any class for 30 days for only $59!
  • Purchase 2 classes for 30 days for only $99!
  • Purchase 3 classes for 30 days for only $119!
  • Unlimited classes for 30 days (best value) for $129!

       Classes must be taken consecutively within one month. No refunds or substitutions accepted.

  • Show us your school ID and receive 50% off group classes.

*All specials listed above can be withdrawn at any time. To view regular studio prices, please click here.

Dance Parties

Take what you’re learning in class to the dance floor! We host a monthly social dance party at You Can Dance Studio, offering a huge selection of music and dancing!  Monthly parties include a dance lesson, refreshments and social dancing and are usually on the 4th Friday of the month from 7:45 – 10:00 PM.  Come join the fun!


Studio Rental





Hermosa Location

1600 sq. ft plus additional outdoor area






  • $100/hr (1-30 people)
  • $110/hr (31-40 people)
  • $120/hr (41-50 people) + 40 Cleaning Fee

3 Hour Minimum / $100 Deposit to Hold Rental Date




For a group of 12 people or less:

  • Add on One (1) Instructor + a 45 minute lesson: $140



For a group larger than 12 people:

  • Add on Two (2) Instructors + a 45 minute lesson: $160
  • Add on Two (2) Instructors + a 45 minute lesson + Performance of One (1) Dance Routine: $200



  • $50/hr for any Independent Private Lesson, Group Rehearsal, Choreography



Hours of Operation


Mon-Fri: 4-9pm Sat: 10-12pm Sun: Hours vary


  • 1089 Aviation Blvd. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  • 310-923-6260
  • hello@ycdstudio.com


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